Taking the test

Before you provide your sample, it is important that you have not had a pee for at least one hour. For girls, avoid taking the test during the heaviest part of your period.

Four steps

  1. First of all fill in the form, with your full name, date of birth, full address (including postcode) and contact details, we need this information to test your sample. We will not pass this information on without you knowing.
  2. Please write your name and date of birth the sticky label on the urine bottle then pee into the bottle. Make sure you fully tighten the cap on the bottle.
  3. Place urine bottle into larger container and press it shut.
  4. Put the test form and sample in the plastic freepost envelope, it self-seals, no need to lick the envelope. Post in any normal post box.

How do you let me know about my results?

You will get your results within 10 working days. We will write, text or call depending on how you wanted to be contacted.

If your test is positive our health advisor will contact you to arrange your treatment. DON’T PANIC! Both the infections can be treated. But it is important to attend for your treatment as soon as possible.